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We created Voilé because we felt there was a void in the eyewear market. I our own lives, we seek out the highest quality goods possible but are adverse to luxury labelling and mark-ups. Our pricing philosophy is at the very heart of our business because we want to bring the highest quality goods to the most people. In the traditional eyewear category, mark-ups are exceptionally high, so we have radically reduced typical margins. We have also done away with costly marketing campaigns so you get the best possible quality at a common sense price.

At Voilé, our designs are both timeless and genderless. Face shape and size, and the height of your nose bridge, determine whether a frame will suit you, not your age or gender.
Each and every one of our frames is conceived for face fit, not fleeting trends. Our internal mantra is “Make them so they will become vintage one day.”

We are endlessly inspired by those who surround us and that is reflected in our upcoming collaborations. Some of the people we work with are known by the public, others are close family and friends. But one thing unites them all. They are experience-seeking people who value genuine style over trends and they see the world in their own unique way. Some will join us for special collaborations and others will be featured in our campaigns. We are thrilled to have them all alongside us on this journey.


Made to be vintage.

Your Voilé frames are crafted to become beloved vintage objects one day. Not only are our styles enduring, but our frames are constructed to last. See, we create eyewear for faces, not fashion whims. So you'll never look back at a photo of yourself years from now and wonder what you were thinking.


Mark ups in the traditional eyewear category are very high. Our pricing model is at the very heart of our business because we want to bring the highest quality goods to the most people. We have radically reduced typical margins and have done away with costly marketing campaigns so get more from what you are paying for.


Only the very best goes into our frames.



Carl Zeiss CR39 Lenses are, quite simply, the best lenses in the world so you know your eyes are being protected, featuring 100% UVA/UVB. Voilé prescription lenses are provided by DOYLE optometrists and opticians.



We use 3 and 5 barrel stainless steel hinges for perfected calibration.


Our Frames

Our frames are made with with either cellulose acetate, stainless steel or a hybrid of both. Cellulose acetate is an environmentally-friendly renewable material that is strong, flexible, lightweight and will not fade or warp when exposed to the elements. Our stainless steel is durable and provides our designs with slender ,more discreet frames or in the case of hybrids, unique accenting options.


Temple Tips

Our signature Clutch Temple Tips ensure a slip-resistant frame so your glasses stay put no matter where your day takes you.

Voilé_foldable case

Foldable Case

Our custom foldable case converts into a flat pack that virtually disappears when you are wearing your frames.


Cleaning Cloth

Our signature microfiber cleaning cloth can be used for both sunglasses & optical lenses, camera lenses and smartphone screens. Designed for high absorption & removal of smudges & oil for the clearest lenses. The cloth is machine washable & reusable.


VOILÉ one picture at a time.

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